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Executive Tactical Protection Team offers Armed, Unarmed and Patrol Security Guard services for Malls, Apartments, Car Dealerships, Homeowners Associations, High Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Commercial Properties, Event Security, VIP Security and the list goes on.

Executive Tactical Protection Team has a very strict hiring policy. Potential employees are screened and go through an extensive background check. Security and Safety Security and safety are major concerns in all buildings. While Executive Tactical Protection Teams armed and unarmed guard personnel are present during work hours these procedures are implemented.



Motor Bike & Vehicle Patrol Services

Executive Tactical Protection Team provides security at competitive rates. We provide patrol services to commercial, and residential properties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrol services can consist of lock-ups, perimeter searches, checking for signs of vandalism, and more. Our patrol units are fully marked, and equipped with sirens, and traffic control lights. Our agents will be present, and remain on the scene should a problem arise, and contact local authorities, and the designated contact. We will not leave the scene until the property is secured.



With SRT all of our clients are assured a first class professional service while providing an excellent working relationship with their management team, members of the public, guests, and VIP�s. You can count on our SRT to keep and maintain the order, deter illegal activity, and provide a safe environment for everyone in the vicinity without attracting unwanted publicity.



As part of our custom packages, we will dispatch a specially trained K9 unit along with one of our most experienced uniformed officers. As a team, they will help to prevent any incidents that may occur on site.



Our Executive Protection unit specializes in protective services for corporate leaders, and public figures. We have experience, and expertise in protective strategies concerning stalkers, determining risk assessment, domestic problems, estate and event protection, corporate dignitary protection, protective details for local and foreign travel including bodyguard protection, and limousine services. Your peace of mind is our team's priority. All of our agents undergo background investigations, psychological evaluations, and drug-screening before being assigned.



The most effective method of staffing undercover operations is to assign an operative to a position that would afford him/her as much access to as many areas of your facilities as possible, within the scope of their daily activities. This way, they can observe and report on many things without attracting attention. It might be to your advantage to have someone assigned as a "runner" on the day shift, and another as a forklift operator on another shift. With the number of employees involved, the hours of coverage and the range of potential theft /sabotage possibilities are to be considered. Situations where problems may occur can benefit from a properly-oriented and focused third party, such as our operative who will be an excellent position to monitor these areas without anyone observed being put on alert.

Operatives are paid through normal payroll procedure. We also bill an additional $10/hr to augment the operative's wages and provide support for the daily reports that are provided to you. This billing itself is also disguised so as to not alert anyone that such a service is being performed.

Normally, results are swift, in that conditions come to light that were not within the primary concerns but are seen to contribute to a totally unrelated problem or situation.


Armored Transportation

Executive Tactical Protection Team armored vehicle services offer the latest in technology driven by our experienced vehicle operators. We have a strong partnership with a top U.S. manufacturer of armored tactical and civilian vehicles. Our vehicle fleet includes DOS certified armored suburbans fully equipped with the latest security features, rapid deployment trucks used as multiple mission platforms, and even armored personnel carriers when the situation dictates maximum protection.

While having an armored vehicle is an important part of a detailed security program, it's not the only part. We encourage our clients to go and receive protective driver training tailored toward armored vehicles. Our armored vehicle protective driver training courses cover topics like evasive driving techniques, anti-kidnapping techniques, route planning, protective driving, immediate action skills, accident avoidance course, and surveillance detection techniques. All training techniques have been test by experts in the field, and proper training can help you avoid or escape a potentially life-threatening situation.

Executive Tactical Protection Team Armored Transportation include:

  • Executive Tactical Protection Team armored vehicles with two or three uniformed, armored professionals who are trained to take "Care, Custody, and Control" of your shipment until its delivery to the designated point.
  • All shipments are fully insured against all risk while in our possession or in our vaults. Insurance certificates are provided readily and ongoing to customers.
  • By using our armored service, risk to your employees traveling outside your business is eliminated.
  • Peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that these important materials are being handled and delivered according to your special needs.
  • Uniformed couriers for the extra protection you want. All couriers undergo extensive background checks.
  • Local, same-day delivery.
  • Potential savings. Courier Services coupled with Rochester's Armored Services, create a complete handling of transportation needs which results in lower costs to our customers.
  • Cash Replenishments
  • Balancing
  • 1st Line Maintenance
  • Bulk Cash / Cassette Reconciliation
  • Customized Reporting
  • ATM Deposit Processing
  • Kaba Mas Lock Installation and Support


Tactical Security Firm knows the importance in providing highly trained, and licensed personnel to ensure the safety, and security of every property that we are assigned. Tactical Security Firm only employs highly trained, and committed personnel. Our agents receive intensive integrity, and rigorous protection training, as well as required ongoing physical, legal, and public relations training at our affiliate company Strategic Security Training Academy. BBPVE License #360475. All our agents are employed by V.I.P. - Patrol and licensed with the State of California Bureau of Security, and Investigative services.



Upon award of a contract, a supervisor will be assigned to your facility to coordinate operations. His or her responsibilities include hands-on training of new employees and on-premise inspections. The supervisor will also ensure that all personnel follow company regulations, instructions, and maintain their areas of responsibility at the optimum level.